Protect the Gila from F-16 Training

Support our campaign to oppose militarization of the Gila's skies

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Support our campaign to oppose militarization of the Gila's skies

Help support efforts to oppose the Holloman Air Force Base proposal for military training over the Gila

Holloman Air Force Base is trying to expand its Special Use Airspace for training of F-16 fighter pilots over Silver City, the Gila National Forest and Gila and Aldo Leopold Wilderness Areas.

Encompassing the nation's first wilderness area and New Mexico's last wild river, the Gila Region attracts retirees, outdoor recreation and tourism from throughout the U.S. and internationally. Expanding Holloman's F-16 training area will significantly degrade the rural character and quiet solitude of this unique area, impacting real estate values, outdoor recreation, tourism, and the local economy.

The human, wildlife and environmental impacts of this proposal could be severe. The extreme noise from low elevation training can be frightening and disruptive to humans, livestock, and wildlife. Additionally, Holloman's proposal requests use of chaff and flares (15,000 of each annually) for aircraft defense. These radar-interference systems introduce aluminum, plastic fibers and magnesium into the environment, with potential impacts to water quality and wildlife and increased risk of wild fire.

The Gila Region is an inappropriate location for F-16 pilot training.

The Gila Conservation Coalition and its partners in Peaceful Gila Skies are working together to participate in the National Environmental Policy Act process and facilitate public participation in these critical proceedings.

Join the Gila Conservation Coalition in the fight to protect the Gila's peaceful skies by making a donation today.

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Organized in 1984 to protect the free flow of the Gila and San Francisco Rivers and the wilderness characteristics of the Gila and Aldo Leopold Wilderness areas, the Gila Conservation Coalition (GCC) is a partnership of three organizations - Gila Resources Information Project, Upper Gila Watershed Alliance, and Center for Biological Diversity - that promote conservation of the Upper Gila River Basin and surrounding lands.

GCC partner Gila Resources Information Project serves as GCC fiscal agent.